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Domestic Vertical Engine
This engine kit was purchased from Bob Herder of Calfon NJ. A good man and very helpful with my many phone calls.
It is a 1905 design,1/3 scale of Domestic's 1-1/2 HP engine.The castings are all iron, 1- 5/16" diameter bore, 1.900 stroke, and 8" diameter flywheels.The copper cooling tank with its thermal syphoning system is 4" diameter with a 4" diameter separate gas tank mounted on top. An igniter, as on the original is used in lieu of a spark plug. Spark plugs were very expensive in 1905.
The gears and oilers were included in the kit.
I also have construction photo's that I would be glad to share. Email me and/or let me know what phase of construction you might need help and I'll send photo's.
The oak box underneath the copper cooling tank holds the coil, a rechargeable battery pack from a Harbor Frieght cheap hand drill. I threw the drill away and use the charger as needed.
Good view of the igniter.




























Nice touch to have the brass name plate.