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Neil Butterfield

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Economy Engine
Domestic Vertical Engine
Red Wing Engine
Henry Ford first engine
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Tailstock Tap-Die Holder
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ER40 Collet Chuck
My Web Site
This web site is just a fun project for an old retired guy to show off some of his hobby projects and maybe sell a tool or two on occasion.

My current kick is building Hit ‘N Miss Model engines. I think I’m an accomplished machinist and engines give me a means to show off and have some fun while doing it. I enjoy building something that “runs” or something useful, like a special tool. I have a mechanical engineering degree and spent some time when in school on a co-op program running various metal working machines. Getting back to it has been fun.

Woodworking is another of my interests. After retiring from commercial real estate I made custom furniture and turnings for a few years. Tired of that I set up a small home machine shop which I had always wanted and decided to make a few things for “Neil.”





        I have a new web store: where I'm selling Tailstock Tap/Die Holders,

                            the Ignition Buzz Box, the Red Wing Construction CD, and more.                                      

This was my first engine project. A model of a 1 1/2 HP Economy
Hit 'N Miss engine from the 1920's.
My second engine is this 1/3 scale model of a 1905 Domestic
Vertical 1 1/2 HP engine. Click photo for more photos.
This is my third hit 'n miss engine the Red Wing
1/4 scale model completed June 2011. Click photo for
additional info and photos.
This is a replica I made of Henry Ford's first engine that he made
in 1893. Click photo for additional photos and description
 My Latest project is this ER-40 Collet Chuck I made for my
South Bend 9" lathe. Click photo for description and photos

This is my Tailstock Tap/Die Holder. Click photo for additional info.



This Tailstock Tap/Die Holders is now available for purchase

on my web store


Below is my new Buzz Box that I just started building and selling. Click the photo for photos and info. It is also available for purchase on my web store





Below is my Die Filing Machine that I built from a MLA kit.

Click photo for information and more photos



Construction CD of the Red Wing Engine

Click on the photo below for ordering the CD


When building the Red Wing engine I took over 1000 Construction photos. I edited that down to about 550 photos and made a CD which I am now selling. I call it a "Red Wing Construction photo CD." Also, included on the CD are photos of my modest shop and my machines along with a video of the Red Wing engine running. The Red Wing engine running CD can be seen here on this site also. This Construction Photo CD can also be purchased on my web store