Ignition Buzz Box
Because of my experience in rebuilding and selling Ford Model-T ignition coils it was only natural that I would get into building my own ignition box for my model Hit 'n Miss engine's.
On my first engine, the Economy I purchased a buzz box with charger from the previous Red Wing company owner Richard Dickey. For the Henry Ford replica engine I used an old, rebuilt Ford Model-T coil along with a rechargeable 6V battery and a detachable plug-in wall charger. On the Domestic engine I purchased a cheap battery operated hand drill from Harbor Freight and using the battery and charger along with a small engine coil I cobbled up a ignition Buzz Box that worked.
For the Red Wing Engine I decided to get fancy. PM Research (maker of the Red Wing engine kit) provided a nice set of drawings of a wooden hinged lidded Buzz Box, less a battery, that looked very much like my current finished Buzz Box. With the help of my good friend, electrical engineer Ron Bindl, I made the first of my Buzz Boxes. We added a rechargeable gel cell battery, a charging jack plug, and a plug-in wall charger. The result, with some modifications is the Buzz Box that I'm currently building and selling.
In the Buzz Box uses a set of new Ford Model-T points, coil, condenser, resistor, on-off toggle switch, rechargeable 6 volt gel cell battery, and charging jack. A wall plug-in charger is also included (Input 100 to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz, Output 7.5 VDC @ 366 ma). It will slow-charge overnight, and will not overheat the battery.
The wood box is constructed of American Red Oak, 3/16" thick (5/16" on the boxes I'm now selling), sealed with a coat of lacquer for protection, measuring 3-1/2" x 5-7/8" x 4-1/8" high (the new that I'm now selling). Small and compact it weighs 2.17 pounds. For mounting to a display base or skid, 1/4-20 threaded brass inserts are provided on the bottom. Centered and 3" apart, mounting is quick and easy.
Because of my problems with engine ignition sources I assumed that a lot of other engine builders have the same problem. I wanted to produce a simple Buzz Box that would work right out of the shipping box with the connection of three simple wires from the engine. A spark plug wire, a timing wire and a ground wire. Nothing else...no messing around with batteries, no problems with coils or points...even a simple mounting of the box on the engines wood base or skid by providing threaded inserts in the bottom of the box. KISS, keep it simple stupid.
I guess I succeeded. I've sold quite a few and hope to sell many more. Unfortunately they are not cheap. The electrical components are costly and seem to increase in price every time I purchase a batch. The nice Oak lidded box is enjoyable to build and assemble, but both building and assembly are time consuming.
I sell this Buzz Box on eBay for $189 BIN (Buy it Now). I'm also selling the Buzz Box on my new web store site: http://www.neilsniche.com I suggest you purchase here for the best price. Price is $170 with free shipping or $165 if you prefer paying by check or money order. The Ford logo on the old points I refurbish are no longer available, they started getting scarce a while back and I've now run out of them. Satisfaction guaranteed, if you are not pleased return for full refund less shipping. I've sold over 160 of this design.

Adjusting the points to produce a nice hot blue spark.

Buzz Box mounted on my Red Wing engine's walnut base showing the charger and the three simple wire connections.

Neil Butterfield

Home Shop Machinist

 As noted above, unfortunately the Ford logs points are no longer available