When building the Red Wing engine I took over 2000 construction photos. I edited that down to about 550 photos and made a CD which I am now selling. Also, included on the CD are photos of my modest shop and machines along with the Video of the Red Wing engine running, shown here on this site.
I believe the construction photos will be very helpful to any machinist/engine builder. Whether you are building a Red Wing or any engine. As every machinist knows, any six machinists in a room will have at least six different methods for doing any machining operation. This CD is no different. This is the way I did it and frequently that way is dictated by the machines and equipment I have. You may want, or you may have to do it in a different way. I would hope that these photos will help you in deciding how you will do the job. "A picture is worth a 1000 words," and these photos prove that. I've captioned many of the photos but I've stayed away from written instructions...my primary objective was to provide good construction photos with an emphasis on many close-ups.

 Click CD Preview to view the 39 photo preview. 

I'm currently selling the Red Wing construction photo CD on eBay for $15.95 including free shipping. But, to save a little go to my new web store site to purchase for $15.00 including free US shipping. There are other things there that may interest you also, my Tailstock Tap/Die holder, and my ignition Buzz Box for example. I've sold over 360 of these CD's with very good feedback comments. Web store http://www.neilsniche.com

You can also click on my eBay site; and view the description, also with a link to the 39 photo preview. I prefer you purchase here, saves me the eBay fees. I'll gladly accept a personal check or money order if you prefer, just mail $13.00 ($2.00 off for the fees involved) to my address (see "contact us") and I will mail upon receipt...I don't wait for check to clear...I trust anyone that will take the time to read this.

This is important: After I created this photo CD in 2011 Don Giandomenico, a RC model airplaner and machinist created a web site when he built his Red Wing model engine. His detailed web site is a written instructional tutorial including fantastic photos of his building of his engine from beginning to end. My photos are good and lots of close-ups but Don's site is much more instructional with his written word, along with his photos, than my just helpful photos. Best of all it is free, go to http://redon.co and then click on Red Wing Engine Project. I gladly pass this info on to all current purchasers of my photo CD.

Neil Butterfield

Home Shop Machinist