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​South Bend Lathe Dial Indicator Holder

This is my latest project and an additional product added to my selling web site;

Some years ago I purchased the South Bend lathe dial indicator kit from Andy Lofquist of Metal Lathe Accessories (MLA) which I really enjoyed and used on my 9" South Bend all of the time. MLA (Andy) was also the maker of the Die Filer I made from a kit of his.

In my search for another tool to add to my sales web site, discussion with Andy resulted in an agreement for me to purchasing the iron casting for the body from him and I would machine and produce a completed tool, including a 2-3/8" diameter, 1" stroke dial indicator, for sale on my web site. Granted, everyone and his brother is making indicators of one sort or another but I wanted to make the best one available, especially for the very popular 9" South bend lathe. 

So, the South Bend Dial Indicator Holder is now on my web site and I emphasize it is "the best" carriage stop indicator for "your" South Bend lathe. For the purist South Bend Lathe owner it is as South Ben looking as one can find. Features I emphasize are the cast iron body, the square headed clamping screw which utilizes the 3/8" square wrench every South Bend owner has, and ease of use. 

This tool is available on for $125 including shipping anywhere in the US. If that seems pricey it must be noted; although South Bend never produced a dial indicator holder, this tool is as South Bend looking as possible. Made of CAST IRON, including the square headed clamping screw which fits the 3/8" square wrench that came with the original lathe and used other places on the lathe, and including a 2-3/8" dial diameter NEW indicator, it is the best South Bend Carriage Dial Indicator on the market today.